Your Box of Orgasms

Hooorrraaayyyyy.......You've found us!!! Welcome.

So you've found a little secret. A box filled with delectable goodies built to please you and add that spring back into love making, whether it be solo, or coupled.

For the past year we have been developing this little beauty. Our desire was to share with people all over Australia a taste of pleasure and take the hard work out of intimacy by creating themed boxes to suit your taste.

Here, we have four beautiful boxes to cater to your desire, and soon there will be more to come. Think classic with a touch of sassy to make you scream YESSSS every time you reach that climax event.

OK, the birds and bees..........Maybe no need to go full swing here, but think about it. SEX!! only the most fabulous thing we do both alone and with our partner's so why not be delighted with a taste of tease, being swept away with touch, and unravelled in swirling tantalizing sensations All your temptations come to life through smell, touch and taste.

Each box contains a number of beautifully made products designed to bring you the greatest pleasure, so go on, what are you waiting for, check them out and add some adventure to your lovemaking experience. Your eroticism awaits you.

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Our Boxes

We currently have Five boxes to tantalize your senses with. from single women to experimenting couples. The choice is all yours and only you know which box is for you.

The Single "O" All the single ladies... Beautiful items built to bring you the pleasure you deserve. Who needs a man when you have The "O" Box

The Innocent "O" - The sensual couple. Let the fun begin. Sparks will fly with this Box of goodies!!!!

The Exotic "O" - For the playful Couple. Ignite the flames and entice sexuality with this box of delectable flavours......

The Screaming "O" - Can I get a "Fuck Yes"!!!! This if for the Bondage couple, Those who want More...Not the teaser, But the entire encore. Anal and all.........For all adventurous couples, This is your Box! Beginners or not, there's definitely something here for you.

The Lil Box of "O"s - His/ Hers little box of necessary's.

More boxes to come...

  • The "O" Box is committed to making seasonal boxes, however these boxes will only be made with 4 weeks notice.
  • The "Hen's" Box - Hen's night
  • The "V" Box - Valentines day
  • The "Bunny" Box - Easter gifts
  • Santa's lil helper - Christmas box